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Jul 29, 2011 11:00pm EDT
. they are not complicated. reason this case was so big was because we didn't do anything. plain and simple. everybody wants to make this bigger than it is. like i said earlier, you don't have to -- i spent 19 years, 15 as a street agent and four in leading a street. you don't have the luxury or the right in my opinion as an atf agent to say i like this law or i like that law. you guys set the laws and we follow them. is up to me as an atf agent how best to make up an investigative technique and best practices. so i can make a case and presented to the u.s. attorney. i've done my job. now it is up to the u.s. attorney if he wants to prosecute or not. i'm going to bring the best case i can. in this case like i said earlier we have the atf prosecuting guidelines and best practices and we just threw it out the window. nobody got stopped. like i said earlier, how can you let somebody by 730 guns? at what point are you going to stop them? i am embarrassed. i have agents, guys who i consider american heroes, my friends, who i never thought would hear this who have told me since this broke, carlos i'm ashamed to c
Jul 1, 2011 8:00pm PDT
here for so long, it's a big deal to choose from a menu, to decide what to wear, to sleeping in a bed that is actually flat. but i tell you, you know what really the biggest thing is to me? i don't have to go through every waking minute saying, please get me out of here. >> taylor was released after a three-judge panel ruled he had been wrongly convicted of murdering a woman in 1993. wrongly convicted in part because the crime lab at the state bureau of investigation withheld evidence. >> they're the prosecution's lab. they are not the justice system's lab. they are the prosecution's lab. >> chris moomaw was taylor's attorney and runs the north carolina center on actual innocence. >> i think there's been a culture that lab in the legal department and the management and the leadership that we are here to convict. >> moomaw says it's a culture promoted by the fact that lab really does work for the prosecution, a practice the national academy of sciences says should end. north carolina is one of a dozen states around the country where the crime lab reports to the attorney general's offic
Jul 3, 2011 10:00am PDT
two problems, a big budget deficit and markets have lost faith it can ever repay its loan. it is an unproductive economy and cannot generate enough economic growth over the next few decades. in economies, greece has a liquidity problem and a solvency problem. the united states, by contrast, does not have a solvency problem. the american economy remains one of the world's most competitive with many of the fastest-growing companies and most of the advanced industries. it houses thez the best capital markets in the world, the greatest universities, the most dynamic society, america is dem grammatically vibrant. the only rich country that will see the population grow over the next 25 years. america could face a liquidity problem. that is, it could have difficulty financing the debts and deficits if markets lose faith in it. but let's be clear. this has not happened yet. right now the world is lending to american more cheaply than ever before. the most important difference between greece and america is this, america has many paths to solve this deficit problem. were it to imple
Jul 6, 2011 5:00pm PDT
thought it was a big mistake. on the other hand, i have to say distilling it down, we listen to the shrill conversation. a definite sense that despite it all, the system has worked. hard to say after this week. somehow the system worked. thank you for joining us. up next, leadership in washington. it's as rare as intelligent conversation from cable television. or when you're distracted? when you're falling asleep at the wheel? do you know how you'll react? lexus can now precisely test the most unpredictable variable in a car -- the driver. when you pursue perfection, you don't just engineer the world's most advanced driving simulator. you engineer amazing. ♪ you engineer amazing. woman: saving for our child's college fund was getting man: yes it was. so to save some money, we taught our 5 year old how to dunk. woman: scholarship! woman: honey go get him. anncr: there's an easier way to save. get online. go to get a quote. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >>> we avoided total bankruptcy, wow. that's now the pathetic goal that our elected officials on bot
Jul 27, 2011 10:00pm PDT
there are also big signs that speaker boehner is facing a vocal rebellion among the gop ranks, among republican ranks. this morning on conservative talk radio he tried to rally the troops. >> is it true that you told some of the republican members this morning that you need to get your a word in line behind this debt ceiling bill? >> i sure did. listen, this is time to do what is doable. this bill isn't perfect. >> what have we got to do? >> just moments after he spoke those words from fellow republicans and tea party leaders were rallying against his bill outside the capitol. >> folks, we've got to hold the line. we've got to stand strong. we can't let down the people who elected us last november. >> we have the boehner proposal on the table. it will cut next year $1billion [ audience boos ] >> we are spending $1 billion an hour virtually. that is insignificant and not meaningful reform. >> tea party favorites rand paul and jim demint. one of the rally organizers saying compromise simply is not the answer. >> we do think compromise is a bad word. if you look at what's happened, compromise has
Jul 18, 2011 6:00pm PDT
forefathers, openly discussed, piers, how they wanted every courtroom in america to be big enough for the entire community to hear the trial. so there is no closed-door justice or secret proceedings. the people that watched this trial, including myself, made their decision, just because it doesn't agree with the jury's decision is a whole other can of worms. but america can listen and hear and evaluate the evidence, just as well as you and i can. so that was their decision. i'm sure you saw the "usa today" poll that 2/3 of americans believe they are guilty. that's their right to have an opinion and voice it. >> nancy, when we come back, i want to talk to you about your days as a prosecutor, and the tragedy that you already referred to that led you to becoming a lawyer in the first place. [ male announcer ] the network -- a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliv
Jul 23, 2011 12:00am PDT
that are showing up in my driveway, that are parked in front of my house with news vans with the big satellite tish dishes. i said it's time to go to a place where i address this. i get it out there. i -- what were my goals and what it is -- a lot of people asked why did i file for divorce? the answer to that is she needs to understand that this is an ultimatum now. i can always reverse that or stop that should she decide to get help. i'm not going to die ni her eny her the opportunities i had myself. i need to draw that line in the sand. to answer your question directly why am i doing this? because this is a relationship that i've had previous to this situation where i've spoken about addiction before. i felt very comfortable speaking with you. not to mention the fact that i watch your show a lot and i think you're very fair. so i wanted to go into a forum where i wasn't going to be beat up, i was going to be asked both sides of the questions which i think you do effectively. >> i mean i'm going to play devil's advocate having said that with you. honestly, you went through a well documented period
Jul 1, 2011 7:00pm EDT
that the jump is not a big deal. you understand? you can make the jump in a lot of different industries. your colleague throughout the question, mr. carvin, i think it is a fair question to ask, i wanted to ask it to you directly. if they can compel this, what purchase could they not compel? >> as i said earlier, we are not arguing that the failure to buy something is what causes the economic activity that congress is regulating. he is looking at the wrong side of the transaction. he is looking at the means and saying if you can do that, the failure to buy something, it will always be commerce. that is not what congress said. congress said the status quo was once that was leading to cost shifting. you can imagine a president that forbade the government from forcing the purchase of a good in terms of a substantial commerce clause authority. it would not matter one bit. we're talking about the means. with respect to that, while there may be jumps in timing, in many circumstances this is not one of them. here health insurance is the way that most health care is paid for. 80% comes from non-out o
Jul 2, 2011 10:00am EDT
it change american attitudes? that's a big leap. >> well, i think that it's not a leap because there were so many great novel written during that era; the starlet letter -- scarlet letter, walt whitman's "leaves of grass," but they delight me on a different kind of level. they also move me very, very much. i think because they make me think intellectually and philosophically and so forth. um, people need, the populace needs emotion to sway it. and, um, there's an ad agency that's now called jwt, it was called john walter thompson. they came along in do 1930s -- in the 1930s and said we had to appropriate the methods of "uncle tom's cabin "to sell our products. why? [laughter] yeah, why? why? because we have to sway the emotions. and you can even see on tv how as tried -- maybe they don't always succeed for you or for me, but they try to sway the emotion in some way. whatever emotion it may be, it could be sentimental, or it could be an exciting emotion, something like that. and she has every kind of emotion in there. she was really the first novelist to bring together both the more sentiment
Jul 2, 2011 9:00pm EDT
big question to this haunted historian and many others for the last 70 years. why did germany lose the war? was it the superiority of the allied powers? was it strategic errors on hitler's part? in fact, what all of his leer's -- hilt leer's advantages, how could he have ever possibly lost this war? andrew robert's great contribution is to let us participate in effect in a grand strategy course on hitler and his generals. of all the books publishes on world war ii, none before have viewed it from this perspective alone. it is an absolutely intriguing story, and i urge you all to get yourself a copy. surprisingly, there's copies for sale on the corner on the left here, but first before you rush out to by this copy, first a few words from the great historian himself, and, yes, he does turn out to be a young one. andrew reports. -- andrew roberts. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, it's a great honor to be invited to address you this evening, and thank you very much indeed for those kind words. it's perfectly true my book got to number two on the best seller list. they know me by mic
Jul 2, 2011 11:00pm EDT
's a big fan. >> i'm from maryland originally. they've got a growing tea party movement, though. >> nice to meet you. >> pleasure meeting you. >> yes, please. tom. >> i is an current family in maryland. [inaudible conversations] for who clark thank you. >> hello. >> for more again? what he doing in washington? does this for you? i'm glad you were in town for that. was the graduation? >> students are graduating tomorrow. thank you very much. >> this way, sir. >> nice to meet you. sir with an h. >> you got it. >> what are we doing in libya? >> methane. >> thank you. nice to meet you, erica. he looks familiar. >> this is for my dad, hoss. that would be lovely. thank you for all you do. >> that's because i always play mine. >> struggling under the iran thing. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> what are you trying? >> the last person who had done that. >> no, i talked to the staff there. he's not gone. >> can you have a cocktail and then we can finish this? >> you look as great as ever. >> you also mention mccarthy. >> i did. that's my girl. we can't let them go. >> see yo
Jul 3, 2011 11:00pm EDT
you find they are encouraging women to be independent of men. that is why they were big supporters of divorce, and they looked upon marriage as a very confining role in life. gloria steinem said that when a woman gets married she becomes a semi non-person. dann said the life of a wife and mother was living in a comfortable concentration camp. that was their attitude. the social degradation of women was a major goal on the feminist movement, and it wasn't using the argument that it takes two incomes to support the family. that wasn't why they wanted to get her home. not for the economic reasons, but for social and cultural reasons because they tried to tell women that you were just a parasite, your life is not accomplishing anything. the only way to have fulfillment is to be independent of men and have your own career. the pulitzer prize finalist will speak about native american history, the continued struggles of native tribes and the consequences of misusing resources and the environment. she is the author of more than a dozen books and collections of poetry including the woman wh
Jul 9, 2011 9:00am EDT
human waste and recycling it to make snow for people to ski on. there was a big conflict over it. the lack of understanding of what is sacred was shown when the forest service said exactly where is the line where the mountain ceases to be sacred? as if there is a spot where you can say this is sacred and this is not so sacred. so yes. we are still marginalized. >> host: when it comes to policy what influence to american -- native americans have in washington? >> guest: not enough. not enough. >> host: linda hogan is our guest at our first call is from greg in cleveland. you are on booktv. >> caller: hi, linda. part of my question is a comment. it has to do with the political side. i really feel that americans have a tremendous burden of guilt for the way we decimated the natives. i think the americans are far worse than hitler ever was. why do you think the black people have more political strength than the native is do? and they are able to seemingly bring themselves more up in the western society? >> guest: there are a lot of things to respond to in your comment and your questi
Jul 9, 2011 11:00am EDT
anything else that i had taken. so that had a big effect on me. and also i knew that -- many of the writers, even riders that had been blacklisted i had met and i met later in my life. some of the older writers that were very incredible and amazing writers who had been ignored and influenced and lost their momentum because of history. >> host: you opened "dwellings: a spiritual history of the living world" by saying you prayed for an eagle feather. >> guest: yes. the interesting thing is i worked with those -- take an illegal eagle feather. i wanted an eagle feather and i wanted that naming ceremony when i was young. we didn't have them that i knew of at the time. so yes. and then i had an eagle feather. >> host: what is the significance of an eagle feather? >> guest: i couldn't explain it to you. what is the significance? like having -- something that is so -- so special. it is like it could be used -- it can be used for helping, healing, it can be used for speaking. it can be used -- like a speaker's rattle. it can be used for communicating with what ever you would conceive of as spiritua
Jul 9, 2011 10:00pm EDT
projects going on designed to do one big strategic thing wherever you look in the middle east and that is to shore up the strength and responsiveness of the state's wherever we look whether it's iraq or afghanistan to prevent pakistan from continuing to fail, the idea of the two-stage solution for israel and palestine or all within the concept of the system and if we don't have strong response things are going in the wrong direction. >> host: what i see on the ground and a travel to afghanistan is to be honest with all the power of the u.s. military you have an incredibly confident will lead military. in the and that's not enough to substitute for the government's of the afghan states and institutions provide and and pushing we just never quite get there. it's hard to find anybody -- >> guest: that's true, too. this brings us back to something like democratization and the culture in their view is going to be something where the people will have a way if you change those that are going to run their government. this is something you can't avoid. when the figures for you don't pu
Jul 30, 2011 11:50am EDT
-- i am not a big fan of that sort of thing. here we are at freedom fest and two kinds of people come to freedom fest. there are those who are so busy that they come in and they are lucky to be here a day or two and then they have to go do this or that. especially speakers. there are two kinds of speakers. we encourage speakers to come and spend all three days at freedom fest and just relax and go to sessions that have nothing to do with what they do normally in business. just take it as a break away from finance. if you are a finance person go to the arts and literature and science and technology. in our music we have music with bob greenberg. that rule should be packed. it was half full when he talked about beethoven. he is the number one teacher, 28 courses on classical music. i am hoping on saturday is in the same room, bob greenberg will talk about music that has caused a riot. it is an interesting topic. but that is me. i am an eclectic person. i am interested in a variety of topics. i will never forget my first experience with steve forbes. i had known mr. forbes for many years
Jul 30, 2011 1:30pm EDT
in history. indeed, that would just give a blank check to the big spenders. they could run for two years. and why is it so important to get a longer debt, bigger debt ceiling increase? and i also thought and believe we have an agreement that the debt ceiling shouldn't be increased more than spending is decreaseed. spending decreased over ten years. you cut $1 trillion, you raise the debt ceiling $1 trillion. we give you ten years on spending cuts, but immediately you get a $1 trillion increase in the debt ceiling. why are we in this fix? this is why. i hate to say it. this is why, there is no doubt about it. the president said last week the only bottom line that i have is that we extend this debt ceiling through the next election until
Jul 30, 2011 11:50pm EDT
it. so the competitive thing, it is a good walk spoiled. i'm not really a big fan of that sort of thing. so, here we are at freedomfest and i found there were two kinds of people who come to freedomfest. there are those who are so busy that they come in and they are lucky to be here a day or two. then they have got to go and they have got to do this or that, what have you. especially speakers. there really are two kinds of speakers. we encourage speakers to come and spend all three days at freedomfest and just relax and go to sessions that have nothing to do with what they do normally in business. you just take it as a break away from finance. if you are a finance person, go to the arts and literature and science and technology. we have music here with bob gruenberg and the teaching company, number one teacher. that room should be packed. it was about half full when he talked about it in disguise the number one teacher. he has 28 courses on classical music. i'm hoping on saturday he is in the same room and palace three, four and five. bob gruenberg is going to talk about music
Jul 31, 2011 11:15am EDT
hate wall street and big bankers, you know. who are the slave owners? they were the wall street of 1861 in a way. viewed by the common man in the north. if you're plowing their own field, making your living, costly been told about slavery is all good for blacks. i think the average person had a belly full of southern aristocrats. a real bellyful. i think had a lot of pent-up feeling about that. in fact, one southerner made a speech, maybe in congress, i forget, some of you historic may remember this, in which maybe it was fitzhugh or one of those southern writer said the laboring classes with the minefield of humanity. meaning the thing announced where you wipe your boot. it was this idea that southerners, not all southerners because most southerners were average farmers and workers, too. but the leadership of the south, you know, arrogance, putting in the face of the common man. i think they -- they just wanted to with those those. lincoln really appealed to them. lincoln may have been a nobody before he became president. he knew how to reach the common man. people rose up to fight, an
Jul 16, 2011 11:00pm EDT
need in order to cover the entire state of arizona. that is not to say that we do not cover a big portion of it right now. of a thousand new border patrol agents that are coming into service this year, the vast majority are going into arizona. but it is also critical to note that there are other activities occurring. our partnerships for mexico, for example, working joint operations with our mexican partners, then in mexico and us on our side, over 60 of the state's law enforcement agents are now partners with us in an operation that incorporates other law enforcement agencies to ensure that we bring the greatest density of enforcement coverage in arizona. the national guard right now, we have 363 national guard troops on the drown the-ground. we have more, so it is a constant buildup of what we are doing in arizona. when we bring arizona under control, not if, we will do so as quickly as we can. something that i think critical here is the following -- this year because of a drop in activity levels that we have seen, we figure that we will end up in the year with apprehensions som
FOX News
Jul 30, 2011 12:00am PDT
jerkey in the room? wink. >> i was a big fan. one of the greatest vocalist and songwriters, but he is a full blown] bleep [. you can separate the music, but now i can't. now i will just here [bleep]. >> did you see that picture? he is getting kind of fat. >> he eats entire trees. i saw him in l.a. once and he was at a bar and he is an intimidating guy. he has the potential to be a legend, but he keeps opening his mouth. i don't know. the young people and the elderly, they fall for animal rights ideology because of the cute factor. but there is a dangerous ideology that is behind it. it is one that says it is okay to destroy a lab experiment. >> but you had your choice if you want to eat meat or not. the people in norway didn't have a choice if they were going to be blown up or shot. that's why it is sick. >> at least he is consistent. if you believe that animals are as important as humans, then you probably shouldn't allow slim jims into your concert. not only because of the waybill carries them, but the thing siwould feel if i were a real animal rights person, i would go all the w
FOX News
Jul 16, 2011 9:00am PDT
are seeing the heat wave with a big ridge of high pressure. southeast will see showers and thorps and gulf coast where we need it. >> maria, thank you very much. >> president obama just meeting with the dali llama in the white house that. visit outraged china which accused the spiritual leader of trying to get tibetian independence. they called for the preservation of the tibetian culture. >> president obama making a special call to the pace station. as atlantis mission draws to a close people are asking what is next. you will learn more after the break. stay with us . >> this is president obama, whom am i talking to. >> hello, mr. president. you are talk toth crew of the space shuttle atlantis. >> that is funny. i was dialing out per piz a. an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement, available only with berty mutual auto insurance, if your car is totaled, we give you the money for a ca one model year newer. to learn more, visit us today. responsibility. what's your policy? toi switched to a complete0, multivitamin with more. only one a day women's 50+ advantage
FOX News
Jul 17, 2011 7:00pm PDT
you are doing it for the principle. give us a little bit more about that. >> there is a big principle behind it. there are many families you couldn't help saying i am sorry. jose baez opened his mouth during the statement. the fact of the matter is caylee never was listening made them furious she was found not guilty. oh my god all of the money all of the time all of the other families that we neglected, you know, the search and the heart and the tears coming from 13 different states. the best resources in the world for this little girl found right behind us was here the whole time we were deceived we were lied to but what i said from the beginning when i talked to craig he could have ended this a long time ago. i owe this to our supporters i owe it to our donors. they donate money keep us going. out of jose baez mouth kaye low was never missing. >> remind us why you started equusearch? >> you know i have been through the same thing with my own daughter when she disappeared. police said she was a run away. the police never knew she was a run away. we didn't get any help and 17 months
FOX News
Jul 18, 2011 12:00pm PDT
the white house? >> they push for a big deal but the clock is ticking. so we learn that yesterday morning president obama met privately with the top two republicans in the house of representatives, speaker john boehner and house majority leader cantor, the republicans are saying there was not a major breakthrough or serious progress made. a lost questions about what this week means because senior officials at the white house are telling us weeks ago this was, really, crunch time. the window of opportunity from the 15th to the 22nd, and today i asked carney about the significance of this point in the calendar. >> it is not a hard deadline but congress, the administration, all of us working together, need to move this ball down the field this week. >>reporter: that is the perspective from the white house. carney would not rule out the possibility of other private meetings with top lawmakers to move the ball down the field, so to speak, but at this point we do not hear any reports of a "deal," at this time. >>shepard: still leading republicans are still pushing for amending the constitution,
FOX News
Jul 19, 2011 3:00pm PDT
-stop to seattle? just carry new preparation h totables. discreet, little tubes packed with big relief. from the brand doctors recommend most by name. new preparation h totables. the anywhere preparation h. >> bret: members of the so-called bipartisan gang of six today stood before a group of their fellow senators briefing them on the work they've done so far toward a debt deal. idaho senator mike crapo is one of them. he joins us here in studio. good evening, senator. >> good evening. >> bret: let's start first of all with a broad overview and the reaction to it on capitol hill today. >> we had a positive reaction. we had 50 senators probably equally divided among the republicans and democrats. overall, i would say it's much more positive than i expected. that is a good sign. the overview is this is a comprehensive that i say really a shift in the american fiscal policy dynamics. much broader than a debt ceiling battle we're having. we have haven't brought it out as the debt ceiling battle. this is an effort to deal with the debt crisis. we put everything on the table. which means we are lo
FOX News
Jul 23, 2011 5:00pm PDT
and takes medication for them. boy, that is a big story. that is nonsense that one has to endure running for president. it fries my bacon that the worse criticism of michelle bachmann gets headaches. good grief the presidency is a headache. you can see she has unfailing energy and hardly seems incapacitated . i get so tired of the saint was journalism demanding to see the medical records of a female presidential candidate because i staffer who couldn't keep up with them. that is losing one headache and only people i have less use for with someone who does that to a former boss is the gum shoe reporter who usually smells a story. what he usually smells is his own self. brian left on the stage to confront and demand that she answer his questions and got upset when the staffers treated him like the incontract jerk he can be. being on the receiving end of his brand of reporting, i realized that he is less the cause of a headache for michelle bachmann and more a pain in the other end of one's anatomy. reporters have a right to ask questions but not demand answers to questions and invade perso
FOX News
Jul 2, 2011 8:00pm EDT
big things from you. i was in awe at first. cbut our relationship grew from there. >> derek jeter played with the yankees for his entire career. he learned the level of steinbrenner's expectation. >> i was in my rookie year and on third base and there was one out and a line drive that was caught. we won the game . after the game i was in the clubhouse and he walked over to me. he said don't ever get doubled off at third again. that was not the words, but that was the point. i was surprised because one, we won the game. but shows you how much he expected excellence. >> there is a mental toughness and discipline. i don't want them to go be treated as heroes if they weren't. >> he had high expectations for everyone that worked for him. >> he expected excellence. anyone at the stadium, security guard, and vendors, you name it, anyone that was around, he wanted you to perform high. >> and he ruled with dedication to the tale . had no long hair rule. >> i have nothing against long hair. >> once it took him an hour to get out of the parking lot and on to the highway. few days later he wa
FOX News
Jul 3, 2011 2:00pm EDT
board certified fully capable of handling this case but yet she is the big shot and she comes back in to town and takes over and because of her relationship with the media and law enforcement. that is it. the politics that the medical examiner -- at the medical examiner's office played out in this case and you got to see it with these two. we presented to you and we were fortunate enough to have one of the most experienced medical examiners in the country, dr. werner spitz. and dr. spitz did a full autopsy. they can say all they want. and if dr. spitz had not found anything that would have been a different story. but he did. he found actual physical evidence, physical proof that caylee's remains were not found and were not -- did not tee decompose in the manner in or mr. kronkte or plagiarism tried to tell you they were. the photos were not indicative of how caylee decomposed and what position she was in. this is the physical proof. the is a man tick semantics ofr brain matter, the man that has 6000
FOX News
Jul 3, 2011 8:00pm EDT
open up the back door. there is the proof she could easily get outside, there is the proof she was big enough and strong enough to open the door. you can't get anything better than that. >> judge jeane: our legal panel is with us now. diana, i'm going right to you. what about the fact that the judge starts today by saying i'm not going to let you get anything in or talk about sexual abuse by george anthony or lee anthony. were you surprised? >> no, in fact, i thought the glass was half full. i was shocked he let them talk about the drowning, honestly, there really wasn't an iota of evidence. if they have that evidence then every family that's not a pool and a child dies you getted to argue drowning. i was supposed the judge gave him that. different the box he sawed himself in and he's not a particularly great organizationed speaker, i thought he made some really good points. i wish shed gun-- i wished they were condensed now, when they quoted "to kill a mockingbird," i was thinking about washington-- >> was it a good idea for jose baez to refer to his on client as a lying no good slut.
FOX News
Jul 4, 2011 11:00am EDT
the capacity of their stomach, and their stomachs get massive. even though they're not that big because their bodies are sort of designed for big storage, they do have major health problems down the road. i mean, most people that are overweight will at some point develop diabetes, go on ten medications, need joint replacements and be stents, and these are all things we pay for even though we're kind of amused by it in childhood. molly: thank you so much, dr. marty, for weighing in on this wild yearly competition. it's in its 96th year. thank you, doctor. >> thanks, molly. jon: a fox news alert and score one for the good guys on this fourth of july. mexican police say they have arrested the co-founder of the someday thats -- zetsa drug cartel wanted for the murders of those two american agents killed in that ambush in mexico. investigators have arrested aguilar, a $5 million bounty had been on his head, and he is now under arrest. we'll have me more information for you in if just a bit on "happening now." really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's lo
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Jul 5, 2011 9:00am EDT
? >> no figure put on it, but make it competitive. bring it down maybe 20, 25%. give 'em a big 10, 15-point cut, and some of that money will come back to america. that is the argument at least, bill, and it's part of this debt reduction debate. it's in there. bill: you lay it out there. thank you, stuart. catch you on fbn in a minute. >> all right. let's put the debt deadline in perspective for you. the u.s. treasury department expects the u.s. to face default on some of its commitments by august 2nd. administration aides say that an agreement must actually be reached, though, by july 22nd to give congress time to draft and pass any bill. the numbers show the amount of debt held by the public has grown 54% under president obama. bill: cuts to medicare seem to be a foregone conclusion in this budget battle, but will republicans accept any tax increases? in a moment we'll talk to republican senator rob port match of ohio, he was -- portman of ohio, he was here live to tell us what was on the table as of this morning. stay tuned for that. alisyn: our other top story this morning, after three years
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Jul 5, 2011 9:00pm EDT
, they are running far away. >> they've been bitten. >> tragedy is that little girl with those big eyes are haunting. >> sean: what a cute kid. >> o my god. sean, real fast this is america man. i'm so proud to be here. where a jury weighed something. i respect that jury. i'm on jeanine's side all the time but i respect that jury. >> sean: i do too. they had me from the get-go because of her behavior. just give me something. >> bad prosecution. >> sean: are we doing a greta check? >> greta: yes. we have a guest tonight you may want to stick around and watch. it is one of the alternate jurors who sat through the entire trial. >> sean: is this number 14? >> greta: number 14. >> sean: i heard him today on the fox news channel, it was great. >> greta: what people don't realize is the jury sees a different trial than the rest of us do watching on tv or the courtroom. they are the ones who are deciders. they see a very different trial than even the people sitting in the courtroom. i'm looking forward to interviewing him. >> sean: greta in 17 short minutes. more with our legal analysis. >> please, i ask thi
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Jul 5, 2011 10:00pm EDT
. if the prosecutor did it would look like sour grapes. they lost the big case they ought to think twice. >> greta: while tell you why i would not. the fact that cindy said that car smelled like death showed this was not a mother trying to protect her child, because she wouldn't have said that and repeated it and tried to soften it. i think cindy was mistaken, i don't think she was lying. >> she was all over the place. honestly, this was not the piece of evidence that lost the case. why take more from this woman? her life is bad enough. i don't think they are going to do it and i don't think they should. >> greta: bernie, sentencing is thursday, what would you give casey anthony and why? >> everything you can give her. she lied in a homicide investigation. it didn't get any more important. it was her daughter. she should have stood up and said this is what happened. whatever this was. and admitted to the police. throw the book at her, give her everyday you can. >> greta: and you are a defense lawyer. >> absolutely. i'm not her defense lawyer, but i'm a defense lawyer. >> greta: ted? >> i would thr
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Jul 9, 2011 1:00am EDT
hypertechnical about the law? >> no. a big part of the prosecution's case was chloroform. i was easy, in my opinion, to discredit and give it no value and no weight. once you got rid of that -- i'm not saying there wasn't some sort of -- nobody knows what happened to caylee. i don't think chloroform was involved. i think they tried to make a strong case. but the chloroform seemedesque enough to move it aside. once that is gone, you don't have much to work with. >> greta: what do you think was the purpose of the chloroform? >> chloroform, i think maybe they had a feeling there was some sort of, you know, like trying to keep caylee quiet or something to that effect. they found the chloroform searches. so they went with that. they didn't have much to use. there's nothing else they could find maybe. they were trying to substantiate that and go in that direction. it wasn't strong enough to say okay there was chloroform involved. >> greta: there is no doubt about it. this was a huge win for the defense team. the defense opened their case with allegations of sexual abuse, they couldn't prove and d
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Jul 9, 2011 3:00am EDT
will be up big time. if you get a chance, invest in cheese stock. what is cheese in a can? >> cheese whiz. >> cheese dip. >> i was thinking free cheese. the free cheese? never find. now the free cheese, nothing goes better with it than crack. >> every cheesesteak has cheese whiz. >> it is not called cheese in a can, it's called cheese whiz. but i love. >> if i am beginning to see, your private life is a little weird. >> but if you do it in slow motion we can put it on red eye. a man has been sentenced to 10 years in jail, there he is -- for attempting to murder his wife with a homemade electric chair after she asked for a divorce. he rigged a metal arm chair and invited his wife of 18 years into the garage to have a talk. but she got up out of the seat before he could throw the switch. a struggle ensued, but thankfully, she escaped. dan, here's-- the reason why this story is interesting is that 3 he went to all of this work -- autos it's like, i mean, he planned it out. if you plan this out, i don't know. >> how does she not know it's coming? what are you working on? a chair. my thinking
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